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WinLog Assist is a program that will be useful for those people who spend a lot of time working with the computer and want to know what they actually spend their time on. There are a lot of traditional, non-computerized timekeeping methods. It can be a special notebook where you regularly make notes about all your activities in order to analyze this data later. And what to do if a person spends most time working with the computer? Will you really have to write something like this in your notebook each time you switch to another application:
MSWord – 40 minutes
Internet – 1.5 hours
Thebat! – 20 minutes
And you have to write down when you start and end doing anything. Records will be inaccurate and approximate, which makes them useless.
There is a special program dealing with this issue - WinLog Assist.
WinLog Assist is a program for those:
1. Who care about what they spend their personal time on.
2. Who work with the computers according to schedule.

WinLog Assist is a tool for timekeeping on the computer. The program logs the applications the user works in with the accuracy of up to 1 second and shows you what the time is actually spent on. Information about each day is stored in the internal database of the program. You can use it to view information about any day. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements.

WinLog Assist
Main window

The program resides in the system tray and thoroughly logs what and how long the user does.
Let's take an example. What is this program for? The program is designed to do only one thing – timekeeping on your computer. Besides, as a user, you do not want to read anything, you do not want to learn how to use it, etc. You need a simple program with low system requirements and not requiring any special skills. And one more thing – you want to have convenient access to all the logged information, or even better – smart reports by days and by programs with diagrams and graphs! That's what you want as a user!
What WinLog Assist can actually do?
The running program resides in the tray and by default it is configured to start automatically at Windows startup and to minimize into the tray. That's all! Now forget about WinLog Assist, do what you have to do and do not think about timekeeping. After a certain period of time, for instance, a week, you will be able to enjoy viewing what you have actually spent your time on. That's what the Report section is for.
Time Management Report
Sample reports:

The time balance shows the distribution of time between applications. This balance can be for one day, for a week or total. A separate sheet is built for each part of the diagram.
So, does WinLog Assist meet our requirements?
1. As easy to use as possible - just install the program.
2. Minimal system requirements - the program needs up to 5 MB of RAM!
3. Visual reports - reports are generated in the Exсel format and have all necessary settings for displaying comprehensive information.
Does the time fly when you work with the computer? WinLog Assist will tell you what you spend it on!

Here's another small tool for your everyday use, moreover, very easy use - install it and forget it. A turnkey solution, so to say.

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