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Управление компанией
LeaderTask Company Management System is a simple and trusted CRM system used to manage employees, projects, processes, company documents and relations with clients. Organize your business and share information with your team!

LeaderTask Company Management System features:

- Work via Internet/LAN
- Free technical support
- Text chat
- Monitoring of the assigned tasks
- Work offline 
- Work from flash memory cards
- Does not require dedicated server
- All features...
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Employee managementEmployee management:

Assigned tasks definition and control. Efficient distribution of tasks between employees. Task progress visual monitoring. More... 

Project managementProject management:

Operative management of all project resources. Project tasks distribution between executors and senior executives. Project status review. More...

Process managementProcess management:

Creation of company business processes, setting of every stage of business process, project resources setting, definition of output results. More...

Document managementDocument management:

Access of the employees to general information of the company: Projects, Meetings, Schedule, Calendars, Contacts, Reports, Presentations, Events. More...

CRM LeaderTask Company Management

Main advantages
Simplicity of installation and customizationSimplicity of installation and customization. In order to start work with the system you should install the LeaderTask Company Management Program on computers of the employees and specify the server address. LeaderTask can also work from a flash memory card.
The system can work without being connected to the serverThe system can work without being connected to the server. If your server is unavailable for any reasons other company employees will be able to continue their work offline. When the server is troubleshot all data will be automatically synchronized.
New employees can be connected to the server at any point. New employees can be connected to the server at any point. New employees will be automatically added and will be able to quickly join in the work.
not require a dedicated computer (dedicated server)The system does not require a dedicated computer (dedicated server), the server can work on every computer of the local network.

LeaderTask Company Management System is an indispensable tool for a manager to manage business process. More...

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